Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is RwandaOnline?

    RwandaOnline is a company brimming with talented minds and dedicated staff to support Rwanda into the digital age. As the inaugural project, RwandaOnline is delighted to work with the Government of Rwanda to build an eGovernment platform.

  • Is RwandaOnline a government company?

    No. RwandaOnline is a registered private entity at Rwanda Development Board. We raised private sector financing for the launch of our company, and our CEO reports to a Board of Directors. We are a fully owned subsidiary of NgaliHoldings; however RwandaOnline retains autonomy of decisions and company strategy.

  • What is the eGovernment project?

    The Government of Rwanda has a vision that each citizen, visitor to the country of Rwanda, as well as the country’s businesses will have a single, online access point for all government services. Whether you would like to apply for a driver’s license, register a newborn child in the citizen registry, apply for a building permit to expand your business or go see the country’s beautiful Gorillas – the eGovernment portal dubbed Irembo will be the single “one-stop-shop” for government service, application, support and payment. No more waiting in line at government offices or making multiple trips to different agencies and the bank.

  • Why are you putting services online?

    Besides the direct benefit for time-saving, the citizen will benefit from standardized application procedures, and ease of access. The government will be able to benefit immensely from a greater transparency of transaction flow, and be able to more easily identify challenges that citizens are facing.

  • Now that eGovernment services are on one platform, are you taking away business from other IT companies?

    Quite the opposite, actually! In order for the eGovernment platform to be successful, we will need the help of other IT developers to bring all the government services online. RwandaOnline has built the platform, and currently hosting 40+ services. However, GoR has over 1,000 services. We will host trainings, and information sessions to encourage local IT developers to build the services beyond the initial services we deploy on the platform within the first 3 years. If you are interested, please send us a message via email ( with the subject line reading “IT Partners”  to receive announcements about trainings and updates.

  • How do I access the eGovernment website?

    Simply visit where you’ll be able to access the site through your personal devices such as smart phones, tablet and computers. The platform is also now set up for citizens to walk into any district or sector office, and have an agent assist you in applying through the online web portal. Additionally, RwandaOnline has established partnerships with third party organisations to increase the access points for the eGovernment platform. The vision is that wherever you can buy airtime, you can apply for a government service.

  • What other projects are you working on?

    To ensure the best delivery of the eGovernment platform, the project is currently the only project we are undertaking. However, we retain a small R&D department who is looking into other eInitiatives, including eHealth and eEducation. We plan to start small, but strong, and expand our services in the most needed areas.

  • How can I join your team?

    So glad you asked! For a quickly growing company, we are always looking for local talent to expand our collaborative and hard-working team. Please visit the “Working At RwandaOnline” page for available openings. If you don’t see something that quite fits but think you can add value to our company, kindly submit your cover letter and CV to